her small hands...
i do not know what it is about you that closes and opens/
only something in me understands/
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses/
nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands (E. E. Cummings)
I'm a student from Germany and in love with films, art, mainly the Big Three when it comes to tv shows, and also literature, anime, manga, comics, graphic novels... these are the things you'll find on this multi-fandom-blog, with some political/lbgqt posts here and there.
So enjoy and have a nice day! :)

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Things you learn when beginning most languages: Colors, numbers, "hi my name is"
Things you learn when beginning Latin: war, manliness, four words for "death"

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a cute snail eating a strawberry

u just take ur time there lil buddy


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"That’s who you really like. The people you can think out loud in front of."

—John Green, An Abundance of Katherines (via johngreenquotes)

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The first five minutes of How to Train Your Dragon 2!

Not too spoilery, if you have already seen the first and second trailers. The one really new stuff is the dragon races that was also glimpsed in the trailers too. It is an edited down version.

Still good. So satisfying to watch (again and again), like scratching an itch

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We’ve discovered yet another destination to add to our list for when we finally take that field trip to Japan: Moomin Cafés.

Created Swedish-Finn illustrator and writer Tove Jansson for a series of books and comics, the Moomins are a family of fairy tale characters that look like white hippos who’ve learned to walk upright and sometimes wear the odd article of clothing. They live in Moominvalley where they share all sorts of adventures with a variety of equally interesting characters.

The original books are so popular throughout Japan that they spawned a franchise of animated tv shows [Buy on Amazon], merchandise [Buy on Amazon], and a chain of Moomin Bakeries and Cafés managed by the Benelic company. Each adorable location is full of Moomin-themed art, Moomin-shaped food and drinks, and Moomin merchandise. But, wait, none of those cute things are the best part.

The best part is that, when you visit a Moomin Café all by yourself, you’ll soon be informed that someone else would like to sit with you. And before you have time to wonder who on earth might’ve followed you there, you’ll be joined at your table by one of the Moomin characters - or rather a large plush version of one of them. No need to bring a book. We’re sure you’ll have plenty to talk about.

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my social studies teacher once told us “human beings are the most selfish of all. even when someone dies, you shed tears only because they are no more around to provide you with whatever they had been for so long”

and it has been 3 years since she said this and…

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